10 Must You Should Be Doing Using Instagram For Your Business – Infographic

Instagram Infographic

With more than 300 million active users, Instagram has rapidly grown to be the most fastest growing social network platform and its the most popular platform for sharing photos. The power of visual marketing on the web is truly amazing.

If you’re thinking to integrate Instagram into your social media marketing strategy then you should go through the infographic below from TechWyse which breaks down ten easy steps that any business can follow. In addition to the ten tips below, you should also check out the official Instagram Business blog for more tips and examples of how other businesses are using Instagram for inspiration.

For example, there are several things that popular brands on Instagram have in common:

  • Laid Back Posting: Unlike Facebook and especially Twitter, you do not need to post on Instagram multiple times a day and sometimes not even every day, depending on your audience. You do not want to aggravate your followers by saturating their feed with only pictures from your brand, which may cause them to unfollow you.
  • Real pictures: When taking pictures, they make sure that the pictures that they share are of real things and look like they are taken by real people. For Instagram users it is more important for your picture to look real than professional.
  • Adding context to their pictures: If you are trying to sell a product, take a picture of it being used in a real life situation. Example: instead of sharing a picture of a dress on a mannequin, take a picture of a girl wearing the dress while out having coffee with friends.
  • Hashtag Heaven: Instagram is all about the hashtag! Find hashtags to piggyback on that fit well with your strategy. For instance: a bridal shop would want to jump in on the #WeddingWednesday or #Instabride hashtags to increase their exposure and following.

Using Instagram For Your Business


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