12 Must Have Social Media Tools for Facebook And Twitter

Checkout our list of the must have social media tools for Facebook and Twitter

Social media tools or applications allow us optimize our communication and expand our possibilities in the social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and this list of social media tools for Facebook and Twitter can also help us expand our contacts, better know them and one can even use some of them to measure results and rankings.

In our opinion, social media tools are an important medium and we should not forget and focus to evaluate the value they bring. Any serious online marketer knows how important is to have clear goals. Below we listed our presentation  of the 30 selected social media tools for Facebook and Twitter which can definitely help you achieve those goals.


social media tools for facebook and twitter 1. Selective Tweets: Put the #FB hashtag on any of your ‘tweets’ and they will appear on your Facebook wall.

2. Tweelow: Directory to find potential and targeted followers classified by country and sectoral interests.

3. Hootsuite: Plan your tweets, synchronize various social platforms and manage multiple accounts at once.

4. TrackurTrackur provides social media monitoring tools & white-labeled dashboards that helps monitor your social reputation by keywords.

5. Topsy: Searches content published on Twitter and the web, sorted by relevance or date.

6. Xefer: Nice automatic infographics that shows your popularity ratings: tweets, retweets and followers.

7. TwitterCounter: Get a clear overview and graph of your Twitter stats. Twitter Counter tracks statistics for over 80 million users.

8. TwitterGrader: Measure the power and authority of your twitter profile. Twitter Grader bases your score on the number of followers you have and the power of your network of followers.

9. TwitviteCreate events & groups, sell tickets. Send invitations. Guestlist, Nametags & Post-event Surveys.


social media tools for facebook and twitter
1. Slideshare
: Offers users the ability to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios to their Facebook profiles.

2. Payvment e-commerce storefrontMount your online store in just a few hours with PayPal payment gateway integrated and be able to perform electronic commerce from your FB profile and discover great products and deals from over 175,000 brands selling on Facebook.

3. Smetrica: smétrica is a free web application for facebook metrics.

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