5 Best Apps For Twitter / 2012

The best 5 free and paid Apps for Twitter clients
iPhone /OS X / Android

Twitter has become the newest real-time broadcast platform and we know that you all love to keep up to date with events and friends, but the official Twitter app isn’t necessarily the best option, but so we’ve tried out all of them, and we’re bringing you the best of what’s available for the iPhone and iPad.

 Twitter has a lot of different ways to interact with the community, so not surprisingly, different Twitter clients focus on different parts of the platform. Some, like Tweetlogix, focus on events, or locations. Others, like Slices, tend to focus more on bringing multimedia in tweets to the forefront. And still others like TweetCaster focus more on managing or generating lists that you’ll be interested in.

It’s a big world of tweets, but here are our picks for the best Twitter apps for 2012.


1. Twitterific (OS X)

2012 best apps for twitter Twitterrific is the friendly, award-winning Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at, easy to use and full of elegant features. The Iconfactory’s Twitter app normally costs $9, but Twitterific is currently half price on the Mac App Store and there’s a stripped-down free version to play with too. Like the official Twitter app it resembles a mobile app — you can sync between it and your iPhone and iPad versions — but there are additional features including easy translation of foreign-language tweets, multiple account support, keyboard shortcuts, multiple windows (in the paid version) and a choice of light or dark themes.

2. Janetter (Windows, OS X)

best twitter apps for 2012

 Janetter is a Twitter client application for Windows and Mac. Faster, smarter, and more powerful. The best Twitter app on the net!

Jannetter claims to be the best Twitter client on the net, and while that claim’s open to debate it’s certainly one of the more flexible apps out there. There’s a multi-column view, support for multiple accounts, 27 different themes, customisable fonts and display formats, wallpaper, notifications, autocomplete, keyboard shortcuts and language translation. If you’re using the Windows version you can even create your own themes in HTML.

3. TweetCaster for iPhone

best twitter apps for 2012  Accessing Twitter has never been easier on your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone. TweetCaster supports multiple accounts, URL shortening and more.. TweetCaster is considered one of the best Twitter clients around, but it doesn’t necessarily excel in any one category. It has all of the features you would expect from a Twitter client, but without the real power-user options, so it may be a bit more accessible for casual users than Tweetbot would be.

A couple good features of TweetCaster include an option to easily hide tweets and users, in case someone is clogging your feed. And, there is the SmartLists feature which allows you to easily organize the accounts you follow into lists.

4-Hibari (OS X)

best twitter apps for 2012  Monitor important saved search results by displaying them directly in your home timeline. This chat software-inspired Twitter client “aims to make your timeline as useful as possible by blocking annoyances and revealing gems”. There’s easy keyword blocking, the ability to mute users without unfollowing them, threaded conversations, inline saved search results and an option to hide specific tweets if you find them annoying or offensive. The app is $9.99, but you can download a free trial from the Hibari website.



5- Buzzom

best twitter apps for 2012Buzzomis a platform to explore and share the what, why and how of social media marketing. Get insight into latest social media trends, get tips on using social media and explode your Twitter potentials usig  Buzzom .

Buzzom is a complete Twitter Account Management Application in Web. It is the only free app that has people search based follow; it also has feed management, follow-unfollow management, twitter badge, Twitter Statistics and browser based Buttons.

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