5 Instagram Tricks That You Probably Didn’t Even Know About!

5  Instagram Tricks  “Unknown to many”

Over 400 million active users visit Instagram on a monthly basis.

And as the “selfie capital of the world app” has grown, the rate at which Instagram shares new features and products has accelerated.

It can be a little hard to keep up sometimes.

Instagram is among the top-morning to go-to apps and although the majority of us have already spent a lot of time using Instagram to share our photos with millions of users every day we discover new tricks and tools that we didn’t know existed. Thanks to this we can make our experience with this app a much more satisfactory one and resolve most of the problems we meet.

In this post we gathered 5 easy Instagram tricks, that you may not know about, and share them with you. If you’re interested in mastering this application to 100 percent and learn about all its options continue reading this post.

Below we show you five tricks and options for Instagram.

View all the posts that you have liked

instagram unknown tricks This is one of the options most unknown by most of Instagram’s users and can be very practical or at least interesting. I’ve done it lots of times viewing my Facebook logs and have made a “FB like” from 2 years ago in a laughable moment. You should try it on your Instagram.

To view the most recent posts you’ve liked, go to your account settings in the app and then tap Posts You’ve Liked. None the less this is not going to work if you want to view the posts you’ve liked on the web.

The power to have access to a database in which you can find all the past posts you’ve liked can easily help you find an old post or even a particular user that you may want to see again.

And you can also discover a lot about your tastes looking at old ‘likes’, thing that in many occasions can be surprising.

Add hashtags to a photo after you publish it

A very common mistake done by many is to forget to add hashtags or forget a specific hashtag that can increase the visibility of your post in a considerable way. The solution to this problem is very simple but many people are not aware of this, you can add hashtags commenting on your own post and it’ll work in the same way as if you would had included it in the description.

In fact sometimes it works even better to do so since the post is much cleaner this way.

Edit your caption and tag people after posting your photo

Modifying caption text, adding hashtags and even tagging people after you post is possible. All you have to do is click on the 3 dots icon that appears in the bottom right of your post so that a sub-menu appears in which you will be allowed to edit your post.

instagram tricks

Once you’ve made the appropriate changes, you only have to press the blue ‘Done’ icon that appears in the top right of the app, and the changes will become visible.

Send a post directly to another person

Lots of users on IG still don’t know how to share someone’s else Instagram post, because Instagram doesn’t have an inbuilt share function. If you don’t know how to share an Instagram image you should read this post from Create and Thrive!

Another good way to repost an image on Instagram is by viewing your feed in this app, then tap on a picture you’d like to repost. The user’s account and profile picture automatically appear as a bar on the image that can be rotated. Hit repost to open and share the photo in the native Instagram app.

IMPORTANT: NEVER regram someone’s image without crediting them. Just put something like ‘#regram from @createandthrive’ in your caption.

Configure notifications

The notifications configuration menu is also a big Instagram trick many users still don’t know about, however this option can be very useful in some cases. In this menu you can choose which notifications your smartphone can receive, being able to turn them off completely, activate it for only the people who you follow or activate them all.

configure instagram notification settings

To access your ‘push notifications settings’ menu all you have to do is click on the settings icon that appears in the top right of your profile and scroll down to your settings.

Hopefully, these tricks will be helpful to many of our readers. After all, what good is an App if you don’t know how to fully use it?

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