Instagram Infographic | 5 Ways How Businesses Use Instagram

Instagram has become not only a tool to share pictures with our friends or socialize with other users passionate about photography. It has also made a niche for itself as a very useful tool for businesses and big brands as part of their social media strategies. The infographic below will easily illustrate how businesses use Instagram.

This infographic was developed by Andrew Macarthy (author of ‘500 Social Media Marketing tips’) and shows us examples of five companies or agencies that you have been able to find the side business to Instagram.

Between the quintet, we have a little bit of everything. There are a few companies that have found in the app a vital ally to display new products and offers, others that have used Instagram to promote their social media image, those that include drawings or illustrations of its fans and even some that have used Instagram to make photo competitions and generate engagement in their community.

How Businesses Use Instagram

how businesses use instagram

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