A Basic Twitter Dictionary! The Meaning Of Some Of Twitter’s Most Popular Words!

These are some of Twitter’s most popular words with their meaning..

Twitter Dictionary!

Tweet: A “tweet” is each of the status updates we write in Twitter, the length of  a “tweet” can not exceed the 140 characters.

Avatar: The “avatar” is the image of your profile that identifies you when you write a tweet.

Header: The “header” is the rectangular image that appears behind our biography profile and it is recommended to have dimensions of 1252×626 and a maximum file size of 5MB.

Biography: The best place in Twitter to write about yourself or your business in 160 characters or less..

Follower: Also known as followers, is each one of the users who have subscribed to our account through the “Follow button” and is actually following our updates AKA (Tweets).

Following: Users we follow on Twitter.

Favorite: Whenever you like a tweet very much, you have the possibility to mark it as “favorite” and have access to it whenever you want.

 twitter language Timeline: Initial Twitter page which shows the tweets from the users we follow.

@Mention: Is the way to tag and link a profile of a user in a tweet.

#(hashtag): Use this sign to label a certain subject. Thanks to this sign we can perform a search and categorize those tweets that are talking about the same topic.

#(Follow friday): #FF is one of the most popular #hashtags used in Twitter every Friday and that is used to recommend other users to their already followers.

Trendic Topic (TT): Trends are those subjects that almost everyone is speaking on Twitter at one time.

DM (Direct Message): Is what Twitter offers so you can discreetly communicate with other users on a private basis.

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