• What info do you need from me to use this service?

We only need your @username “We will never, ever ask you for your password”.

  • Ok, so I made the payment, now what?

Quickly after you make the payment via our safe payment gateway, you should receive an email confirmation of your purchase from our payment processor, 2Checkout.com. If you made your purchase using Paypal you should also get a Paypal email confirmation. Once we receive the payment your order should be completed within the time period specified on your package.. Most orders are completed within 1 to 7 days or more depending on the package purchased.

  • When will you start to work on my order?

We will usually start within 24-48 hrs of your order confirmation.

  • My Instagram profile is “PRIVATE”. Can I receive followers in Private status?

Unfortunately we CANNOT DELIVER TO PRIVATE ACCOUNTS! In order for you to receive followers you must change your Instagram account settings to “Public”. Once we deliver your request you can always go back and change your settings back to private.

  • Will I have to follow a lot of people first for you to get my followers?

NO, Absolutely NOT, that is how it works in other similar sites; Twitter is built on reciprocal, mutual opting in of peoples messages and is not the place to brag about how many people you follow.

  • How does this service work? How do you get me followers?

The service we offer is basically inflating more followers on twitter to your business page, blog, etc, using very safe methods to legitimately and organically increase your social media followers numbers.

  • Will my account get banned by using your service?

At this moment we don’t count with a banned account on our record. We strictly adhere to strict policies and never use spam and massive following methods that can get you flagged and in trouble.

  • Is my account info safe with you?

Yes! Of course it is and that’s why we don’t ask you for your password. There are lots of similar services that do but we don’t..

  • Why are you guy’s prices a bit higher than your competitors and lot of pages we have visited?

When it comes to finding out exactly what “too high” means to one of our potential clients we usually ask ourselves the same question. Why would you feel comfortable buying 10k Twitter followers or 20k Instagram followers for $2.00 or $5.00? There’s a lot of resources involved in each and every of our orders and whoever promises such high amounts of followers for that small amount of money just doesn’t care about your business reputation at all..

Most frequently asked questions!

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Last edited: 07/05/2016