Latest buyers’ feedback

We would like to thank our clients and all those people who put their trust in us as a professional company, for making us grow as such and letting us help them. Checkout what our customers are saying about our service and find out just why you should give us a try when ordering our services!


“We’ve worked with AddTwitter-Followers now for 3 staright years, and they continue to push our SMO campaigns and is always great to deal with them.“The team’s experience shines. We look on the guys at this company as part of our team and know they are as passionate and committed to the our brand as we are.”

Marcus J. (Internet Marketer)


“While the quality of followers is much better than other places I wasn’t very happy about the fact that my order took almost 48 hrs to deliver. I thought this was an instant deal. Anyways I have just bookmarked this page because after all their service was excellent and they did deliver what they advertised. Will sure come back for more orders.”

Jason R. (Advertiser)


“Quality, fast & reliable. I have just come back for my fourth order. Your service is excellent. The followers you market me too and the return I see on my investment is amazing. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but if you’re not sure about purchasing, then DO IT from here! You will not be disappointed.”

R. Smith (Small Seo company owner)


“We ordered the 10K package last week and the seller made a mistake and sent us Instagram followers, I loved the fact though, that as soon as I contacted them to let them know about their mistake they fixed the problem right away and so far I have over 5372 new followers, and I am starting to make a killing on my web page and thinking to make a new Instagram order after we complete this one! Thank you for your help!”

J. Vargas (Real Estate Agency)


“Ease of use, affordable, productive, effective summarizes what I have to say about Add Twitter plus a helpful customer support should you need a few questions answered. I liked that they are based in the US which assured me to an extent of getting the target audience I sought”

D. Manning (Auto Experts Blogger)


“We worked with AddTwitter-Followers through the launch of our first campaign for our Instagram business account, and the team’s input on social media has been central to the evolution of our social network.”

G. Rivesti (Fashion First Magazine)


“Quality products at great prices! A bright option for companies that are looking to expand their brand name or to advertise products or services on Twitter and Instagram. That’s what we have been doing and it has worked great. Vast amounts more traffic, resulting in vast amounts of sales. Couldn’t ask for more.”

J. Adams (Modern Arts Networks)


“Fantastic job – all my followers were delivered very quickly, great support from your staff, thank you so much.”

D. Vaughn (Work At Home Business Owner)


Ever since we made our first sale, my team and I have heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback. I would like to take the opportunity today to thank you all for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of this site.