How To Get High Quality Twitter Followers

One of the typical questions asked by many business owners is how to get high quality Twitter followers, and is curious because it tends to be one of the major concerns of the customers who I personally work with on a daily basis and have presence in this social network. And although its true that large companies tend to have a more clear idea on how Twitter works, its also a clear fact that their concern is the same as everyone else on Twitter.

But for the vast majority of businesses, they don’t really care if their followers are high quality or not, if they can convert into potential customers or if their going to bring traffic to their web page, it doesn’t matter to many of them. What they want is to have more followers than the competition and sell more…

Your aim as a business owner should be not to become to much obsessed with the quantity but instead the quality of your followers; because after all what we are all looking for is that our followers have a genuine interest in what we sell and what we do.

Otherwise what we’ll do is accumulate followers who won’t have the minimum interest in what we share or what we publish, with which we won’t generate business and that will never engage in a conversation with us.

I have to say that Twitter has always been a good source of traffic for my blogs and my sites, which makes me feel love for this network and in this post I’ll show you how I usually do with my clients accounts who are always asking about ways to get more high quality Twitter followers, which aspects are important and some tools that I usually use.


The optimization of a Twitter profile is key to get followers. Your Twitter profile should be  attractive enough for any potential follower to follow your account by just reading your Bio.

Some few basic points but no less important are:


Your profile avatar photo is the first thing that a future follower will see, so be sure to get a high quality and nice picture for your Bio profile. I personally don’t like following Twitter profiles with hidden avatars like scenerios, cars, celebrities, plants, animals, etc., nor of drawings, caricatures, comics or ups and downs. Normally most people would want to put their own faces. Its much more cheerful to follow a real person than a caricature.

However, if a certain account belongs to a company or brand, and their using their “Logo” as their profile picture then I don’t see no problem with following that Xor Y account. Its all up to you..

On the other hand, if your account belongs to your company and you’re managing it with your own first and last name then it would be wise to upload a personal photo and not your company logo.


My best recommendation is that you use a good banner photo for your header. But don’t only look for nice quality photo.. Look for one that characterizes your business and that it will also look good on the Twitter mobile app. Also, if you put texts in this image make sure its readable from any mobile device.


Your Twitter BIO should be considered one of the most important parts in your  profile since it will determine if someone follows you or not. Twitter makes it somewhat complicated because you have to summarize your biography in 160 characters, and its next to your profile photo.

None the less it’ll be better if you use this space to describe who you are and what you offer in the clearest and synthesized way possible.

I personally always recommend my clients to consider putting keywords in their  biography because their accounts can be found easier in search results. There are online  tools such as “Followerwonk” that lets you do user searches by keyword.

targeted followers

In addition a link to your website, blog or LinkedIn profile will give more information to those potential future followers.


Sharing your location with every tweet can also be a good way to attract high quality Twitter followers.

add your location to your tweets

The same tool, “Followerwonk”, also serves to search for users by location, and many people and companies use it to find new profiles depending on where they are located. So don’t be shy and share your City, you never know who ends up following you!


Here’s a couple of good strategies to start getting more quality followers on this social media platform. These strategies will not fall into disuse ever because they are part of the essence of this social network. Many of them are based on achieving a greater dissemination and reach, so your account can be visible to other users who might have a genuine interest in following your account as well.

get more retweets


Being a content creator is without any doubt one of the key points to get more high quality  followers on Twitter. Content creators are who really lead this social network.

But don’t fall into the error of just sharing your own content. According to several studies, 20% of Twitter users usually share other people’s content and the remaining 80% only share their own content. And these studies showed that a person, company, etc that shares other people’s content usually gets up to 2 times more followers.

It is therefore important that you create content that will be worth a “Retweet” by your followers. You can also use tools like Clicktotweet; this tool is the best, easiest and simplest way to promote and advertise your blog, website, business and stuff on Twitter.

Finally, consider the use of some widgets on your blog showing off your Twitter account as this will give the option to your website visitors to follow you directly from your website/Blog.. For example, you can use the “Follow Us” button.


Quality content is a magnet for good quality targeted followers on Twitter, and basically all you have to do (If you don’t create content on your own) is gather curated content from well known sources such as and share it with your followers. Practice this for one month or so and you very well can become a reference to follow, demonstrating your criteria and good eye sharing quality content.

There are several sites to make cure content; here some of our favorites:


One of the first things a potential new follower will always do in Twitter is to look at when was your last “Tweet”, therefore it is essential for you to keep your account active and updated. Try your best to post at least 2 to 3 tweets daily.

The more “Tweets” the more followers. I know that this sounds obvious, but behind this obvious fact there are studies that corroborate this fact.

high quality twitter followers

But on the other hand this doesn’t mean you’re going to start spamming your followers with dozens and dozens of #BS tweets.. This spamming practice along with the use of too many #hashtags are one of the main reasons people unfollow, and for a good reason.

You should also be aware of that there are tools such as ManageFlitter that allows users to know which Twitter accounts have been inactive or have not posted a tweet in days, so if you want to retain your followers don’t forget to maintain your account active by posting regularly.


If you want to someone in particular to follow you on Twitter you have to make a smart approach. Unless you try to make a celebrity to follow you, which is very, very complicated, if you make this approach in a natural way you can ensure that you’ll be able to get a follow from almost anyone on Twitter.

To be able to achieve this try entering into conversation with that person you want following you.

For example, a good way to make that person follow you is by “Retweeting” their content.   You should also provide a smart comment on your RT showing that person that you have a real interest in what they say and post and that you read everything that they share.

Making a comment once in a while, or making simple question which they can respond in 140 characters will also make your account visible under their radar. If that person is a blogger, try leaving valuable comments on their blog on a regular basis and be patience. And avoid at all cost asking people to follow you.


A very typical error on Twitter is to follow random people counting that they will follow you back. There are even those who abuse this using the famous “follow/Unfollow” which basically consists on the practice to follow people without any strategy to get followed back, and in case they don’t  follow your account in a certain period of time, you stop following their accounts as well.

The worst thing about this technique is that if you put it into practice many times you might commit the mistake of following the same users again and again. If you do that and the other person realizes, you can count on that this person will never follow you back because their simply seen your use of this annoying technique.

If you really want to follow with a good strategy and are seeking to target followers in your own niche then you can safely use the “Follow/Unfollow” technique using TweetAdder as this tool is the most used for this type of practice. And you can also use this tool to search for users whose biographies contain certain keywords and much more.


It’s obvious that if you want to have a wider scope of your tweets, you should ideally post them at times when you’re sure that you’re going to find the most number of people connected.

For this task you can use two essential tools that will help you achieve this:

  1. Tweriod -You can use Tweriod to help you generate a report of when your followers are connected and it will send this to you by email when the report is complete. It usually takes a few minutes to build it and the higher amount of followers you have the more it will take.
  2. SocialBro is one of the most indispensable tools that I recommend you to manage your Twitter account. Not only do you get reports of when your followers are connected, but you can also discuss other aspects of your account, do advanced searches for specific users, create direct messages campaigns, monitor hashtags, etc.

Besides using any the tools mentioned above we also recommend you to do your own posting test once in a while and analyzing them using these same tools.


Consider using images in your tweets because they tend to bring a lot more of attention in your followers timeline; in fact including images in your tweets can makes you get up to 2 times more of engagement vs. a that a tweet without image.

Engagement on Twitter means getting Retweets, favorites, and responses to your tweets.

To get more engagement using Twitter try including links in your tweets because these will have a 86% more likely to be Retweeted.

The use of hashtags is also a way to get engagement:

  • Tweets with hashtags have up to 2 times more engagement.
  • 1 or 2 hashtags are ideal, more than 2 lowers the engagement in 17% of average
  • 25% of the tweets without hashtag have RT’s
  • 40% of the tweets with hashtag have RT’s

Conclusion: If you really have a genuine interest in how to get high quality Twitter followers, the best way to achieve this is to provide great, great content to your followers, and appear interesting enough to all those who have not yet followed you.

I also recommend a lot of patience; a good presence on Twitter is not achieved overnight unless you decide to take the shortcut and buy Twitter followers just like webmasters, artists, politicians and blogger do.

I’d love to hear your views on this topic, so you’re more that welcome to make your comments on Twitter via @socialmedia04 @imelseda using hashtag #qualityfollowers

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