Using Instagram For Social Media Marketing

Is your business using Instagram for social media marketing?

Instagram should no longer be a secondary network to consider in our social media marketing strategy. It has grown a lot over the last year and with the video integration back on June, internet marketers and entrepreneurs, are not only asking for a Facebook fanpage with  lots of likes, they also want to have a “PIMPED Instagram profile” to start with their social digital marketing campaigns.

Without a doubt, Instagram is a social network that can greatly help big and small companies and, above all, is a good way and an excellent choice for small businesses if handled correctly by social media professionals. Currently, there are very few companies that have taken the initiative to include this network in their SMO strategies, perhaps because of the short maturity of the medium itself or simply by ignorance.

Instagram, apart from being a social media network of over 150 million active monthly users,  is also a new marketing tool and the best of all is that its audience are mostly all smartphone users who like photos, love fashion and they can’t stay away from following popular trends. Evaluate whether your customers are part of this group and start devising strategies to engage this audience and build relationships with them.

using Instagram for social media marketing Don’t forget that just like Twitter & Facebook, Instagram is also an interaction channel. Interacting with your clients and generating participation is necessary to the maximum and in different forms. I have personally seen how some big and well known brands upload photos on Instagram taken by the own consumers. This is a very interesting strategy because brands are using the own consumers to promote and endorse their products for free.

Almost all photos uploaded to Instagram can be divided into two categories: the nice ones and the funny ones.. In general, an image with a humorous tone doesn’t have to be necessary nice, but both categories look for the same purpose, to attract attention. Remember that most of the users don’t upload any photo, one regularly chooses a photo  that represents what you want to transmit (friendship, love, sadness, achievements, disagreements, etc. ). With the marks is not any different; Remember! each image you upload for your business should be perfectly planned.

Just like in all the other networks, you must guide your business to follow a clear strategy. You can start making contests, invite fans to create and share photos, unveil new products or services, use hashtags for SEO positioning, etc.. The visual content attracts the emotions in a way that the text cannot. Remember the chinese proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Why not take advantage and start  using Instagram for social media marketing to empower your own images?

Been in Instagram, the hottest image social media network will always be a good option for any online business marketing strategies. Is your business on Instagram?

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