Is SEO Going Social? An Easy Guide To SEO

Easy Guide To The New SEO Techniques

Has the new Google Penguin hurt your site rankings? Many webmasters would dare to say that; all those companies anchored to the old SEO strategies used in the previous cycle to Google Penguin, are going direct penalty. ¡ Whether we like it or not, SEO, is nowadays more social than ever!

An interesting infograph developed by Rise Interactive, lets you in on the secrets of the new SEO strategies to adopt.. the SEO resulting since Google Penguin arrived… we’re talking about those SEO actions that are achieved today and those SEO strategies that have taken big brands to the TOP, through multi-channel strategies and searching for the integration of the customers in the creative and productive processes of using social media.

Today, when we speak about search engine optimization and social media eating at the same table we gotta be aware that we are going to have to enter a thorny and delicate field of the identification of emotions, commitments and expectations, our clients can have when they arrive at our brand or website.
SEO actions today have as main objective identify emotions, deliver unique experiences and expose such prominent brands as those in which all actions are consistent with the messages and the feedback of their fans or followers.

At the present time, the exposure from social platforms and the constant generation of quality content, are dependent on the SEO social actions. Not in vain, is through SEO techniques that we identify the words that our target audience, our allies and followers, seek what gives our brand.

  • Did you know that… a unique brand image is one that uses the same criteria of optimization on all platforms where it has exposure?
  • Did you know the importance of titles, labels, optimized URL building, the links between communities and Web site feedback?

Today, Social SEO is “one more important tool” in building a business online.

The following infograph from Rise Interactive teaches us an easy guide to SEO in a simple way how can optimization be done to implement strategies of search engine optimization (SEO) as well as the main operation of the new SEO social and common errors. It is very interesting.

seo guide infograph

We’d love to hear about how the new Google updates have impacted your website’s rankings and what new SEO techniques have you applied since the release of Google penguin..

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