Is Twitter Useless? What Can I Use Twitter For?

 Twitter is not useless and there are many creative ways to use it!

One of the wonders of Twitter is that you don’t have restrictions using it, it’s an extremely versatile tool and has become the most used internet marketing tool for giant companies and internet marketers. The reality is that each user can give the use they want to this social networking and marketing platform. You can use Twitter the way you want to and however you want.

The greatness about Twitter!

A big thing I like about this micro-blog is that there is no line written, nothing rigid, although there are certain basic tag rules, Twitter is really a blank sheet in which each of its users start forming their own history and makes it according to their own interests, you decide on how you want to use Twitter although I will always recommend people to have a clear strategy that defines what they want to use Twitter for, as well as any social network, beyond just entertainment.

is twitter uselessBut, ¿Who can use Twitter?

This great social networking, can and should be used by any person or company who is willing to express themselves, shout out loud and talk, but above all to share. Its essential to listen & understand the community and society and based on that to be able to express ourselves in a way in which both sides would be willing to interact.

Among the main uses that we know Twitter can be used for are:

  1. Real Time Search: If something is happening somewhere in the globe, you can be sure someone is tweeting about it on Twitter. This power cannot be underestimated. Twitter is a very rich source of information in real time and to know what is happening around the world much faster than the traditional media.
  2. Learn: you can find virtually any topic that interests you doing a basic Twitter search and there will always be people with whom to share ideas and real experts on your subject of interest willing to share their ideas.
  3. Fast & Rapid Answers: The idea of crowdsourcing has never been so quick! You can ask all sorts of questions to the Twitter universe, from what is the capital of Puerto Rico to what people think of a particular brand of baby food. And the more friends you have, the more detailed answers you will receive. There are even web services set up to take advantage of this feature, so if you don’t have many followers, don’t worry. Mahalo will help get your question answered quickly. Simply send your question to @answers.
  4. Help others: It’s great to be able to give, share and help others and Twitter is also a great medium for this.
  5. Ask for help: There will always be someone who will know a little more on the subject that you put on the table.
  6. Boost your career: Twitter can boost your career’s growth to unexpected levels, you should only have a clear objective as your goal and clearly in mind strategy.
  7. Promote your business without paying ads: If you’re smart and deliver valuable content to your followers, you can make your product a success on Twitter.
  8. Attract visitors to your blog or website: Normally Twitter is used as a means of promotion, the real content will be on your website or in your blog, whether personal or a business website.

And many, many other uses among gathering true opinions about almost anything: Whether you’re planning to watch a new movie, try out a new place for dinner or looking to buy a new laptop, you can always rely on your Twitter friends to guide you to the right choice by offering you tips and personal experiences.

So, is Twitter useless? I’d say NO….

Reasons To Not Use Twitter

So far I have not found any! 🙂

As you can see, the limit of what you can do with Twitter is your creativity and imagination, your personal goals or professional. We recommend you to study well the power of Twitter and make it the most worthy tool for your benefit.

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