List Of 7 Tools To Measure Your #Hashtags

The famous have grown in popularity and are now also used in marketing strategies, they are used to curate content, amplify campaigns and build communities. It’s a way to sort, classify and call attention to what people around the world are saying. They also empower your messages, making them part of a global multi-platform conversation.They are important because they help us understand how information spreads online and how it helps in online searches.

Hashtags can be very useful but they can also pose problems for a company or institution as, for example, the MyNYPD hashtag case of the New York Police Department. The institution decided to use a hahstag to improve its image in social networks, but instead of friendly comments from the community, the hashtag was quickly adopted by users who started to post pictures of police brutality.

In this post we’re going to share with you all some nice that we have come along with on our different IG marketing campaigns for our small business and some referred by friends and colleagues and if you’re really interested in knowing more about hashtags and the importance of these labels in social media we recommend you to read this post after you review the 7 tools that you can use to measure your personal or brand hashtags.

7 tools to measure your hashtags..

Tools To Measure Your Hashtags

Hashtags can be of one word or can include many words. will help you identify the best labels that link in a more efficient way to your keyword(s). This tool allows you to find the best hashtags to reach your audience – and it is completely free. You can analyze related hashtags, the 6 most influential users, a list of the most popular tweets where it was used and more.

rite tag Not sure on what hashtag to use? will help you choose the best hashtags for your tweets; that is to say, will help you identify which word is the most used and seen by the people. In addition, this tool lets you add an extension to your browser to schedule your tweets or choosing the best hashtag. Simple and fast.


Do you want to track your Hashtag in a campaign or event? offers you the opportunity to realize it in real-time. Whatever your reason for tracking hashtags, Hashtracking has a solution to support your efforts and capture your success stories. With this tool you can track: tweets, and you can even see who is contributing with the conversation. Hashtracking offers graphs with very good that you can export and share.

hashtagsYou don’t know where to start? Here you’ll see all kinds of analytical information about the most used hashtags in the last 24 hours. In addition to offering you the most popular hashtags, you will also see what type of users uses them. Additionally, if you need to know more about how to use hashtags, you can read the articles that you’ll find on their blog.

tweet-reachDo You Want to know if your hashtag has been efficient? With you get data on the scope of the last 50 tweets in which you have used your hashtag. You can view and check if it has generated mentions, retweets and, most importantly, who saw the tweets. This tool lets you know who is talking about your brand.

tagboardCompared with the other tools described above, lets you see all the conversations that generate around your hashtag on , and , among others.

trends-map is an interesting tool that lets you know in real time what is happening in your region, which are the most popular hashtags and what’s trending on Twitter.

As we can see, there are many tools to measure your hashtags to maximize the results that you seek for our brand ¡Do the test with some of these tools and let us know your results!

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