Now You Can Record Your Video Using Twitter And Have Private Groups Of Up o 20 People

Now You Can Record Your Video Using Twitter!

Twitter came out of the mold and joined the privacy options that Fabebook and WhatsApp provides  to their users like the convenience of sending private messages and create groups, in this case for up to 20 people. But their most recent feature of being able to record, edit and upload videos up to 30 seconds from the mobile application has their fans going crazy about it. People like it and they like it a lot..

The group chats may start with any your followers but not with their follower, and those who participate in a Twitter group chat will receive a notice at the beginning of the activity.

“The majority of the people with whom you interact on Twitter tend to be unknown in real life, and you don’t even have their phone numbers. We see that type of connections being established on Twitter and we believe that it would be fantastic to give these people the ability to chat in group”, explained to the EFE news agency the head of products of  Twitter, Jinen Kamdar.

Kamdar said that, unlike other services that have messaging options , Twitter has two “special features”: It allows you to continue a chat that was originally public into a private chat and the type of user that you are in contact on Twitter is different to those you probably chat in a daily basis in other places.

Record Your Video Using Twitter As for the incorporation of their new video feature, Twitter announced that from now on users will be able to edit and publish videos of up to 30 seconds in a simple way, with “just a few clicks” using their mobile app.

Also, you will be able to upload videos directly from the phone gallery (at the moment, this option is only available for users of IOS, but in the near future it will be available to Android users as well).

Kamdar also said that the company found that a lot of users liked to share videos on a frequent basis, so it was an “obvious step” to enable them to do so directly “from the our mobile app”.

We hope you enjoy these improvements made by Twitter, and can’t wait to see the videos you capture and share.

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