The Power Of A Twitter Retweet And How To Appreciate A Retweet!

Have you experienced the power of a Twitter retweet?

One of the most important things on Twitter and any other social media platform, is to be grateful, polite, cordial and friendly. If you combine these qualities supplying your followers with good content, you will surely get more followers, retweets and even #followfriday recommendations.

What benefits can a retweet have?

Many bloggers, such as in my case, usually receive retweets, generally of their followers, by published articles on their blogs. On other occasions, the RTs come from simple tweets in which you posted something interesting or because of a valuable link you shared from another website.
A “retweet” is always good as it will not only generate more visits to your blog but will also give you more exposure and visibility on other influential people’s timelines.

the power of a retweet Why should I say thank you for the Retweet?

You should be appreciated by receiving a RT on Twitter simply because someone has done something in your favor without you asking. Someone has helped you for nothing in exchange. What do you do when someone gives you a gift? You thank the person; right? That’s exactly the same thing you have to do on Twitter. Keep in mind that Twitter is an ‘ecosystem’ of part of your ‘on line’ life. A simple “thank you” if you’re networking and internet marketing will probably not be enough .

In this post we will give you 11 tips to say thank you on Twitter

1Follow on Twitter: The first way to thank a retweet is to begin following that user. Increasing the list of your followers on Twitter is a great detail.
2Add this user to one of your lists: Another way to say thank you on Twitter can be by adding the user that retweeted your content to one of your main lists on Twitter. (This way his/her account can be found by more users.)
3Make a new Retweet: Although it may seem a little redundant, re-tweeting your tweet is a way of displaying the other user’s @username and saying thank you in your profile can help disseminate your information.
4Retweet back: Make a quick search on the user(s) that retweeted you and find something interesting and pay him/her back with a retweet from their content.
5Try establishing a conversation with the other “Twitterer”: An appreciation Re-Tweet is always very correct and can be very useful, but wouldn’t it be better to establish a direct conversation with this user(s)?
6Group Chat: After the above initial conversation, it can also be interesting to start a group conversation and get to know everyone better.
7Private Message: You can also send a Twitter direct messages to thank the retweet.
8Visit their Twitter profile: A “mention” to their @username is another good way of  appreciation.
9Visit their blog or web page.
10Subscribe to their blog.
11Link to their articles from your blog.

What do you think of the power of a Twitter retweet? Do you appreciate your Retweets and how?

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