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Do the numbers matter in social media?

We wanted to write this post to answer the question of why is it important to have a lot of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, subscribers, connections online etc..
This past week we sent out a ‘tweet’ about putting your business Twitter account on steroids by getting more followers:
social media numbers
We almost instantly received the first legitimate tweet; “followeeeeers”  Its like if this person was asking why would someone want to have so many followers on social networks. The topic definitely deserves a post as an answer that goes beyond 140 characters. Do the numbers matter in social media?

Benefits of having a lot of contacts on social media networks

We’ll try to briefly explain the benefits of having more followers and friends. When you have a lot of social media contacts you can:

  • – Receive recommendations to change or find a new job.
  • – Identify and contact potential clients.
  • – Find help and solutions for personal or professional problems.

I think that more or less up to this point we can agree that having  a lot of contacts can be beneficial.

But don’t the contacts have to be “quality contacts”?

How many times have we heard about that the quality of your followers, likes, etc, is better than the numbers? Even I, sometimes have used a similar terminology. The first question emerges, though, of how can a person be of “quality” and another one not? The theory about having a few loyal followers, likes, contacts, which one can have real interaction with against having a large number is false. Thinking that it is better to have few “good” to “bad” contacts in social media is a “BIG” mistake and we’ll backup our hypothesis with the following reasons:
1- There’s no such thing as “low quality contacts”, one only has contacts. It is easier to develop marketing actions on an existing network than trying to start a new one from zero.
2- There can be followers, contacts and friends more suitable for specific campaigns in the short term but in the long term they will all work because marketing is all about trying different things.
3- The more contacts on social media one has, the easier it will be to reach a particular goal.
4- There is no significant difference between managing a few or a lot of contacts. On a personal level I have tripled in just a few months in the number of Twitter followers and I don’t spend a longer time on this platform than before.
5- Things can change radically in both personal levels and business things. You low quality followers, contacts or connections from yesterday can serve you  today and vice verse. It doesn’t hurt anyone to have a lot of followers on Twitter or social media network contacts.

Having many contacts is branding

Obviously you have to find a balance between costs and benefits. Let’s see if our theory can be successful. For this we decided to put three real life examples.
1- Followers on Twitter: One of the keys to success on Twitter is the large number of followers that one has. We can all agree that there are many techniques on how to quickly gain more followers on Twitter. Some of those techniques may be more or less likeable for us but without no doubt their  effective as well.
2 E-mail marketing: One of the most important tasks of any serious internet marketer is to get a long list of emails. Obviously the products you offer and your customer service also matters. The e-mail is still one of the most effective online marketing tools. The fact that many people even buy bulk emails lists, gives us an idea about the success of email marketing. In the end many people buy after receiving an email even if its spam.
3. Find a job: Although we’re missing the sources, it is widely known that many job offers are covered by internal social media recommendations. We know that the first thing that is done if you’re serious about looking for a new job is ask among friends, social media contacts and connections. Having many online friends, followers, contacts, etc will always be more beneficial than not having since many job offers never go out to the public.
My personal way of thinking is that numbers matter in social media. Sometimes it’s difficult to obtain coverage marketing without being perceived as too aggressive, so, if you’re a marketer and you’re not been criticized for promoting your company or person, perhaps you’re not trying hard enough…

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