The Best Tricks To Extract Twitter’s Juice!

5 and half tricks to get the most out of Twitter..

Twitter is the perfect tool to start getting the word out to key audiences about the issues we focus on and our daily activities. On this post we want to share an infographic from NJIMedia with 5 and a half best Twitter practices. These tips can definitely make your Twitter experience more enjoyable and may help increase your followers as well.

  1.  Maintain Visibility: Tweet often & Tweet in the afternoon!
  2. Rally up support: Tweet at people, have conversations with your followers. It pays to have Twitter followers.
  3. Show your fans some Love: Follow those who retweet you!
  4. Share unique content: Tweet interesting and newsworthy links whenever possible. When you are pitching a story or event, make sure it is newsworthy—the more interesting, unique and compelling your event or story is, the more possibilities to get lots of retweets and it may even go viral.
  5. Tweet what you see when and where you see it: Twitter’s one of the fastest news gathering tools in the world.

5.5 Be as concise as possible in your wording and length: You should always try to  leave some space for your followers to RT and replies.

best tricks for twitter Each of these elements on its own contributes to a story’s newsworthiness. But if you combine one or more of them into a “Tweet”, you may very well be able to get your story placed!


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