Twitter For Newbies: 5 Things You Should Do As A Newbie On Twitter (Updated)

twitter for newbies

for newbies: In this post we will explain to our best on what is Twitter and how does this social media network works. You will also discover how to use Twitter in an effective way. Like for example on how you can use Twitter to increase your customer base and increase your sales.

newbie on twitter What is Twitter? Everywhere I read the definition “Twitter is a social microblogging network”, but I don’t think that the average people (non-expert in online marketing) understand well this definition. In other words, Twitter is a social network that lets you make contact with other people through short messages, 140 characters to be specific. But I would go further. Twitter is a modern marketing tool that lets you send important information to your market on Twitter (to your followers).

There are different types of users on Twitter… And a large percentage are newbies!

Everyone knows that Twitter is full of famous people; You can find famous movie stars, politicians, athletes, musicians from all genres, etc, most of which have thousands if not millions of followers like Miley Cyrus, because they are so known that they barely need to be promoted. On the other hand there are a lot of people that want to “follow” their tweets. A good place to look for famous people using Twitter is Twitaholic.

But let’s face it, the majority of Twitter users are ordinary people like you and me, who began using Twitter “centuries ago” and still have a low number of followers. But don’t worry, because you’re not alone and there are a lot of newbies on the block.

How to use Twitter and how to attract new potential customers thanks to its use?

The big question is how to get followers on Twitter? Because without followers, Twitter has no utility. Some “usual” Twitter accounts count with at least 1000 or 5000 followers, and what’s their secret? We’ll give you some tips to help you attracts many followers. We have to admit that by following these simple strategies, we managed to get about 750 new followers within the last 4 or 5 days):

1- Define your target market and how you want to use Twitter –

Be clear on the type of audience you want to target; What is your target audience mostly interested in? Do you think you can you solve many of their problems? Do you have enough “Good Content” to offer your followers?

2- Begin to “Tweet” –

The only way you’re going to build your connections on Twitter as a is to start participating. Your “tweets” are your best promotional tools. See it this way, why would anyone follow you if you have zero tweets?

(a) Try tweeting including an image– One of the most important things in online marketing is the content. Tweet valuable content to your audience, and see if there’s anyway you can help your audience with your tweets. You can also send your followers important information from the web (news, blog articles, websites links, etc). And remember that tweets with images get 2X the engagement rate of those without an image.

(b) #Hashtags– Use one or two hashtags in your tweets; Tweets with hashtags get 200% more engagement but tweets with 3 or more hashtags only get 79% less engagement.

(c) Include links– Tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be retweeted.

3- Follow others –

follow me on twitter

(a) Find and Follow “tough” leaders in your sector. As a you probably don’t even know on who to start following and the best tip regarding this is to start following the most influential people in your niche. They can give you important information to convey to your target audience. For example, if you are in the sports sector, you can “follow” newspapers and sports magazines.

(b) Follow your leaders followers. Influential people within your niche usually have a giant following base. These followers are without further doubts interested in your industry in one way or another. If they are “Following” a sports magazine, it is very likely that most of them can be athletes, and if you own a Gym or you sell “stay in shape products” these followers will end up following you as well.

One very helpful tool that can help you target your followers base is Tweetadder; This tool is the most complete and trusted Twitter Management and Marketing Tool and can help you find and follow people based on specific keywords. “Twitter newbies” love it but its actually being used by small startups to fortune 500 companies.

4- Be interactive

social media newbiesWhen you’re in Twitter you have to “really” be in Twitter. With a godforsaken account nobody is going to follow you. I’ve seen so many people try Twitter, follow people, and then sit back and wait. Those are the users who “quit” Twitter and don’t get it.

  • Don’t be afraid to join in the conversation specially if you’re a newbie.
  • You only get out of Twitter and any other social network what you put into it. No one will follow you if they don’t know you’re there, so chime into conversations using the @reply feature. Once other users know you’re there, and that you are insightful, crazy,  funny or worth following in some way, the followers will start pouring.
  • Remember that without participating, there is no conversation.

Its also incredible the percentage of the people who have only tweeted once or twice and has left their accounts abandoned.  According to statistical data showed by the blog “Convince & Convert”, 53 % of registered users in Twitter in the United States have never seriously participated using this platform.

The nice thing of “being interactive” in Twitter is that your conversation is live, and can be followed by other people that can be interested, take part and get connected to you.

5- Don’t concentrate on you and on what you need

newbie “Promote Yourself, ONLY, When Possible“: Share information that is relevant and will interest your target audience. A good mix is 80% on topic / 20% personal/sales. Remember that Twitter is not the place to promote yourself 24/7. And just because you tweet about your specials and offers 10 and 20 times a day doesn’t mean that you’re going to start making 100’s of sales a day. Twitter doesn’t work that way and instead of gaining followers you might just end up losing all your followers.

Twitter is mostly about sharing good information. And as I previously said, Twitter allows you to “share” information, and when you start promoting other people’s information many followers will start to find your “tweets” interesting and can start considering you a leader in your niche, and will surely  let you know if they need some of your products or services.

Updated on 8/27/2015 with new infographic about the “Top 10 Twitter Tips For Newbies” from Blog Red Website Design

twitter success infographic

In conclusion, Twitter can be an interesting marketing tool…

If you’re still not on Twitter because you don’t understand, don’t worry. This Twitter for newbies article was written to help guide you. But remember that the success of your work on Twitter, and in Internet marketing in general, will depend on your perseverance, your patience, and by giving your audience the content they need.

Last but not least important; Be honest and compelling. The more that you are yourself and participate in Twitter, the more people will want to talk with you. Get involved with , attend local tweetups, get involved in chats and find ways to combine Twitter with all your social media and your followers will surely grow.

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