Want To Earn Money With Twitter? Here’s How!

5 places where anyone can earn money with Twitter:

Twitter has become a very popular social network these days and everyone is looking to buy Twitter followers and for easy ways to earn money with Twitter. We all have seen how its possible to make money online in various ways, and in this post we will write about the top 5 places to make money using Twitter so that in addition to socialize and share content of interest to your followers, you can also earn extra income on the side.

earn money with twitter


You can earn money with Twitter using this system by simply receiving daily tweets published by advertisers who were previously approved from the dashboard panel of their system. Depending on the amount of tweets, followers and other data from your Twitter account they will pay more or less when your sponsored tweets are read. Visa, Toyota, Best Buy, Microsoft, American Airlines, NBC, Sony, and FOX are among the 150 major brands that have worked with Adly.


The goal of this blog was to not only see if you can make money off twitter, but to see if there is potential to earn a full time living with twitter. Bloggers are already doing it, so why not micro bloggers? This site offers numerous tools that are intended to make money with Twitter, they offer programs for a better fan management, internet marketing e-books and other resources to help you exploit your Twitter account and earn money with it.


This site is a marketplace made for Twitter so users can buy and sell premium tweets. The main business behind the people of Twitpub is to create paid Twitter accounts. You open a non-public account and the company charges all those requesting to read that specific account’s tweets, so all you have to do here is to prepare interesting things and tweet them.


Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. The site provides robust targeting and detailed analytics. With this system you offer a fixed price to your tweets (for example $1) so that each time any advertiser wants to be promoted they will pay you that price for you to send out a tweet that will have a “sponsored” link at the end to be identified. (I personally make between $200 and $300 dollars a month using this system)

Twync: (In Spanish)

Twync is a Spanish platform where you can earn money with Twitter and Facebook which puts advertisers ,”tweeterers” and Facebook users together so that advertisers can hire sponsored tweets or Facebook likes and the users get money in exchange. This service is quite simple, because it allows us to create sponsored tweets giving an opinion about a particular product or service and you get paid for it.

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