What Are The Best #Hashtags To Use In Instagram?

The Best To Use In

With almost 5 years on the block Instagram, the selfie capital of the world, has rapidly gained popularity, and with over 100 million active users as of April 2012 and over 300 million as of December 2014 this network has become the main social media channel to share images and on this post we’ll be writing about what are the best hashtags to use in Instagram if you’re planning to use this network to market your business…

Keep in mind that this network is not at all like Facebook, if you have an Instagram profile your only goal should be to attract as many followers as you can with each photo that you upload.

There are two basic principles that you should follow in order to gain more followers on Instagram: First of all, your profile should be public (a private profile has no sense in a network like Instagram since the only people that will see your images will be your followers and no one else) and learning what are the best hashtags to use in Instagram can help you a lot too.

And remember, Instagram is not , there are some popular hashtags on Twitter that might work very well on that network but probably will not work as well on Instagram and vice versa. Here’s a list of what we consider the best hashtags with which you should always try to accompany your pictures so that they reach the largest number of potential users:

1- Geolocation Hashtags-

what hashtags should i use for instagram?

If you’re traveling and take a picture of a historic monument, if you’ve just photographed the sunset in the plaza of your city, or you’re simply having a coffee with a friend and you’ve immortalized that moment with an image, use a hashtag to tell your followers where you are. As we have said before, the essence of Instagram is to capture the moment, but also the place. Users are looking forward to seeing photos of their own town, make it easy for them.

2- Content Hashtags-

Try describing your images with the best hashtags. If you’re out partying with your friends don’t forget to include hashtag party or beers; If you’re out on a cruise you might want to use vacations cruise etc.. Are you eating a delicious cake? We’re almost sure you’re gonna use the hashtag (and chocolate of course).

3- Brands and Companies Hashtags- 

Very useful for businesses. They are especially used in contests and a lot of business owners use them. Some big brands including @Nutella and @Oreo are sympathetic and if you mention them you’ll probably receive a big thank you or a like or a comment on your photo.

4. Use the most popular Hashtags in Instagram-

There’s a great number of hashtags in Instagram that already have become popular in this social network and many users regularly use them to better categorize their pictures. These hashtags are usually standard words which help categorize an entire place, thing, etc… If your interest is to gain some extra followers and likes it is highly recommended that you do a search and learn more about the most popular hashtags to use in Instagram. Below is an example of some of the hashtags you can use:

what are the best hashtags to use in instagram5. Don’t abuse of Hashtags- 

The greater use of hashtags the greater visibility your profile will have. However it is not recommended to abuse on the use hashtags, and in addition Instagram doesn’t recognize more than 30.

Be sure to consider the right hashtags when deciding what to post on Instagram — but don’t overdo it.

And remember: BE HUMAN!

Do your own research and find out what works best with your followers. And use Websta to find other popular hashtags. The tool lets you search by hashtag & username to find those with similar interests as you.

What about you? What hashtags do you follow or use on Instagram?

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