Why Do I Keep Losing Followers On Twitter? 16 Most Probable Reasons

 Losing  followers on Twitter? You might not be alone..

 losing followers on twitter

Are you one of those rare species who goes to bed at 4 or 5am staring at your Twitter counter? Do you byte on your nails every time you lose a follower?

It’s not a matter to panic, because sometimes Twitter can go crazy, but if you keep losing followers on Twitter on a constant basis its probably because you’re doing something wrong. On this post we are going to write about a quick and comprehensive list that includes 16 reasons why you might be losing followers on the 140 character microblogging platform.

1– You’re probably stuck on your followers timeline with your boring Tweets, many of which are repeated and simple automatic “thank you for following me” messages.

2Haven’t ‘tweeted’ in weeks or probably months. If you’re not tweeting at least 1 or 2 times a day the followers you have today may be all gone in no time. Its like, why would you be following some one who never tweets?

3- Have you been stealing tweets or content from other users? You should already know that there is nothing more annoying than to see another Twitter user sharing someone’s else content and taking credit for it. If you take rendered tweets, don’t forget to mention the person who provided it.

4- Don’t have a profile image. If you have achieved to make someone follow you on Twitter without a profile photo, it was probably by error. As soon as your new follower realizes its big mistake, he or she will not think about it twice and will click on that unfollow button faster than a lighting.

5- You’re always cursing. I think that letting out some sh#t once in a while is not bad but when you start each and one of your tweets with improper words you are giving your followers a big reason to unfollow you.

6- All your tweets are automated and from other social media networks. If you’re going to automate your Twitter do it with caution. People don’t like seeing an automated account tweeting thank you to everyone.

7- Abusing of the automated direct messages. People get tire of receiving automated direct messages specially if your messages are 99% promotional. This will only work if you want to scare half of your followers away.

8- Tweets are “rare” in excess. Its always OK to be original and when we say rare we refer to tweets too subjective, bizarre, cryptic, dark and seemingly random. Like we said, be original, but always try to give meaning to what you post on Twitter.

9- Tweets smell like “stale”. Trends are the boss in Twitter, so if your tweeting about stuff that happened 5 or 6 years ago you got a big chance of losing lots of your followers.

10- You’re constantly trying to sell something to your followers. Why do you think people change channels when they see TV ads? Its not because the ads are boring, it’s simply because they don’t want anyone selling them anything.

11-  Always complaining because the coffee is too hot, because of all the work you got behind at the office or simply because the weather is horrible. Its ok to be yourself in social media but you know what? Stop complaining about everything.

12- Use Twitter to discuss about everything. It’s okay to discuss occasionally on this network, but the eternal and constant bickering can end up boring most of your sheeps on Twitter .

13- You only Retweet. You’re use of Twitter consists of only retweeting others and you don’t even bother to include your thoughts and personal opinions in your retweets.

14- Think that Twitter is like Facebook! If all you tweet about is stuff like “I just ate a Big Mac”, everyone (excepting your mom) will press the “unfollow” button sooner or later.

15- You’re not following back. You might lose followers once in a while because of the simple fact that you are not following them back when they follow you, so they can use a third party tool to identify your account and unfollow you.

16- Twitter is cleaning the house. To all of you Twitter addicts out there pulling their hair out because they woke up today missing 100’s of followers, fear not. It could just be that Twitter is cleaning house of some of its spammers or a simple Twitter glitch.

Losing followers on Twitter could be a combination of 1 or several issues mentioned above: or a simple lack of interest in what you are posting.

You can sure minimize the follower loss, but no matter what you do, you’ll still have some people unfollow you every now and then. The best thing to do is to get new, high quality followers of a regular basis.

At the end you shouldn’t worry too much about the numbers of followers on Twitter you lost today, yesterday or in a week’s total. It’s not always possible to figure out why someone unfollowed you; Just get involved—posting great content, engaging meaningfully in discussions, chats, and following others etc. We often tend to spend far too much time looking at our numbers and navel gazing over social media rather than just using it for what it’s really for—being social.

Did we miss any major reasons why people tend to unfollow you on Twitter? Please post in the comments below and “Don’t forget to share to this post”!

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